When ever I’m feeling tierd I feel the need to make sure my eyes look bigger and brighter. This helps me conceal tell tail signs that I’ve only had a few hours sleep and my mind probably won’t function without at least 2 more cups of nespresso coffee. This look also helps to open up eyes and make them appear bigger. So, next time you want to do something a little more fresh, try this look and let me know how you go!

Note*** Apply an eye primer to your eyes. (You can see how i do this in my earlier post here)
1. Apply your favourite base colour, that is, the colour that will be close to your skin tone and has also has a little sparkle to help highlight your eyes. (Gorgeous Cosmetics Charity Shadow, GC Brush 027)



2. Using a slight silvery brown that will help contour your eyes, apply it with a fluffy brush that will help wtih blending the colour in quickly. Just apply this colour to the outter corners of your eyes where you lid line starts and take it about 1/4 of the way in. We just need to add some colour and definition but nothing too much. (Naked Palette colour Siren, GC  Brush B112)


3. Using a highlighing shimmer with a flat brush, apply this to the inner corners of your eyes and taking it 1/4 of the way from the inner corner of your eyes. (Using Stilla Kitten)


4. Use the remainder of the highlight shimmer to highlight the bottom rim of your eyes and a little on the undereye circles so that it appears brighter. Not too much though as you don’t want to make it look like fall out.

5. Apply a thin line of eyeliner in your colour choice (Bobbi Brown Gel liner Black)? Click here to see how I apply it

6. Apply some mascara on the bottom and top lashes so that this opens up your eyes. (Maybelline Falasies)


7. My secret weapon for when my eyes are looking tierd or they’re red is to apply my favouite highlight pencil from Benefit. It’s called highbrow and it not only conceals any stay hairs from your brows when you go over it with this pencil but it also acts as a highlight liner for your inner rims. I apply a full line of it on the bottom rim of my eyes.


8. For this look I always go for something pinky/peachy blushto give myself a glow. (MAC Peachykeen) But ofcourse just bronze yourself if you prefer it.

9. Optional: Apply some false lashes. (Gorgeous Cosmetics Mini lashes)


10. Apply your favourite lipstick/gloss. I’m a little obsessed with Viva Glam II by MAC so that’s what I’ve got on!



Enjoy your bigger and brighter eyes!

Love, Miss Aimmey xXx

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