Purple is one of my very fave colours to use on anyone. I love it because it suits so many different skin tones and looks great on anyone! More and more brides are requesting for a shade of plum on their eyes as it’s different but adds warmth to their eyes.  However, a lot of girls steer clear of it because if not applied correctly, you can end up looking like you’re a panda. So, here is my quick and simple version of how you can wear this to glam up a look or just to wear when you’re feeling a little bored of your everyday colours.

1. Apply primer. This is such an important step as it is going to have your eyeshadows true colours come through and for the eyeshadow not smudge and stay put all day! You really don’t want all your hard work to be gone after only a couple of hours.


2. Apply your have base colour. I’ve applied Toffee Shine from Gorgeous cosmetics but use something that will act as a highlight on your brow area too. I’ve applied it with a flat brush as it applies it evenly. I’m using Brush 027 from Gorgeous Cosmetics.


3. I have featured two purple shades here, one being the dark purple shade that’s a neutral shade that really does suit anyone (Prince from Gorgeous Cosmetics) – that is, whether you’re warm or cool skin toned.  I’ve also featured the lighter colour that you can use if you’re you have a fair skin tone and it will work for either cool or warm skin tones as well –Plum from Gorgeous Cosmetics. I’m using the MAC 275 brush which is angled and makes it easier for you to apply the ‘V’ shape. Using the angle of the brush, create the V around the corner of your eyes to define your lids or just to create the illusion of one.

If you don’t have a prominent one, apply the top line so you can see it when you have your eyes open. You may need to keep your eyes open when doing this to ensure that the shadow shows slightly. Aim to have the V start no further in than the middle of your eyes as the closer you have it to your inner corner of your eyes, the more it closes off your eyes. Make sure you bring around the ‘V’ to the top of your lash line so that it doesn’t finish abruptly.


People always ask me how far can i go with the eyeshadow, you can extend it slightly just before your eyebrows end. If your eye ends quite short, extend it a little more, if your eye ends where your eye brows end, stop there.


4. Getting a second purple shade, lighter than the outer corner one, and a blending fluffy brush (Gorgeous Cosmetics B111) grab some of the product and move the brush back and forth over the ‘V’ you’ve created to soften the edges and make it appear more blended. You want to do a window wiper motion and go back and forth until you’re happy with the blend of the two colours. You also want to blend it so that the ‘V’ shape looks more rounded and not so harsh.  Also, bring the colour to fill in the ‘V’ as this will also help blend the dark colour and the base colour applied earlier. I don’t take it too close to the inner eye are as I like to keep it highlighted and open but if you want a smoker look, take it further so it’s a lot darker in appearance.


5. Using a small flat brush, I’m using Gorgeous Cosmetics brush #014, and taking either the darker purple take the colour under your eyes and line the outer rim; make sure your brush is flat. Take it only 3/4’s of the way, do not reach the inner corner of your eyes as it keeps it open and not too dark.

6. Eyeliner time! You can learn how to do it here! Curl lashes and Apply Mascara. I used Maybelline Falsies. For extra oomph I’ve added some false lashes.


7. Blush time! I’ve chosen to use something bronzey to give myself a break from the pink family but  you go ahead and use whatever colour you like. I’m using the Mineralise range from MAC – Cheek & Cheerful. It also gives you that summer glow and a more contoured look.


8. Ofcourse to finish off the look I am applying favourite nude lipstick ever by MAC – Blankety. If you want more colour, there’s no harm, just apply your fave one!


Enjoy your purple/plum coloured peepers and have fun with it. Purple can take you from day to night and it really it will really get you compliments!

Love, Miss Aimmey & her purple peepers



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